WAZZARA • Healing spirituality

[ Logo: Barbara Brawand ]

Base:Zurich • Switzerland
Genre:Moongaze/Post Metal
FFO:Alcest, Cellar Darling, In The Woods
Release:Oct. 31, 2021

• Debut album of promising Swiss act
• Dreamy Post Metal with Doom & Blackgaze influences
• Completely unique style & aura

[ „Mænic“ • Official lyric video by Olga Kann]

Uniting Post Metal, Doom and Psychedelic Rock, WAZZARA is the culmination of a themed solo project from the former lead singer of Folk Metal band, Caladmor.

Taking initial inspiration from the natural poetry of water in motion, enrapt listeners have found themselves moved by the otherworldly, ethereal and magical offerings of Swiss-based songwriter Barbara Brawand since 2015.

[ Pic: Manuel Vargas Lépiz ]

Barbara Brawand • Vocals, Guitar
Mäsi Stettler • Guitar
George Necola • Bass
Julia Kapp • Drums

In 2019, Barbara collaborated with Icelandic composer and musician, Árni Bergur Zoëga (Helrunar, Árstíđir Lífsins, Carpe Noctem), to give the world WAZZARA’s first EP, „Zessa“.

A show quickly followed in early 2020, alongside Grift and Wolcensmen; the first and last to grace the stage before a long and terrible silence descended over the concert industry.

Nevertheless, instead of allowing weeds to choke the banks of creativity, WAZZARA has continued to wind its course and met the year’s end having grown even stronger, composed an entirely new set list and become a full band:
Barbara Brawand (vocals, guitar), Mäsi Stettler (guitar), George Necola (bass) and Julia Kapp (live session drums).

The now initiated writing process for WAZZARA’s first full-length album led to exploration of wider musical horizons, incorporating spellbinding, doomy riffs into the EP’s legacy of melancholic, dreamy and celestial soundscapes.

[ Artwork: Pierre Cheers ]

01. Solanum 05:14
02. Mænic 05:30
03. Inwards 05:30
04. Obsidian Skies 05:12
05. Antares 04:52
06. Fissures 05:30
07. Wolf Moon (Tribute to Type O Negative) 06:02
08. Ancestral Bonds 05:28

Total: 43:23

The water-bound concept has been extended to uncover unaffected but fragile lyrics dealing with vulnerability and feeling out of place in a world where sensitivity is considered a weakness.

A moon motif nurturing untamed, sacred femininity has also been woven into spells for healing old wounds.

Inspired by nature’s infinite wandering phases, „Cycles“ praises the end that is always a beginning.

[ Pic: Manuel Vargas Lépiz ]

2019 • Zessa • EP
2021 • Cycles • Full-length


8 / 10
„… a very great sounding mixture of blackgaze, Doom and Post Metal …“
(Blackened Death Metal Zine)

„… dreamy, fragile, enchanting …“
(Folkmetal AT)

„… sometimes like a warm wide flowing river, sometimes like the deep unfathomable royal sea …“

„… like an enchanting mist delicately strewn about a world long forgotten.“
(From Corners Unknown)


WAZZARA is available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email

INFECTED CHAOS • Sledgehammer lesson!

[ Pic: Mathias Starzer ]

Christian • Vocals
Matthias • Guitars
Martin • Guitars
Ronny • Bass
Matze • Drums

• 3rd album of the capable Austrian Death metallers
• Uncompromising, yet also catchy song material
• Individual, sophisticated sound

[ Official Music Video • Album song „Gehenna“ ]

The Austrian-South German Metal commando INFECTED CHAOS holds a giant mirror right in front of the rotten, perverted part of humanity. Yes, the truth, it is painful.

Creatively, these hard steel enthusiasts are just as ruthless, and that hits like a forge hammer on an anvil!

The delightfully rough riffed and at the same time really colossally rhythmic DEATH METAL of the perfectly coordinated shock troop shows itself on the new and third longplayer „Dead Aesthetics“ from the most varied and most coherent side.

[ Artwork: Wildan Slam Artwork ]

01. When Yonder Calls My Name 05:39
02. Hollow Chars 03:19
03. Eager Breed The Gods Of Pestilence 03:56
04. Gehenna 04:23
05. Iron Nights 04:37
06. And Thus I Fell 04:53
07. Death Metal Shock Prayer 03:55
08. Pitch Black Fever 03:38
09. Away 05:19
10. Lethargia 05:01
11. Song Of Death And Birth 05:00

total: 49:03

A huge plus for these guys:
INFECTED CHAOS combine the brute force of contemporary, complexly poured death lead with a touch of US-American New School and the rich, timeless musicality of icons like the genre’s forefathers Death. Real killer solos included.
And exactly this circumstance makes the highly explosive mixture of the quintet a real feast for those gourmets who want it as raw and nasty as compositionally and technically skillful.

The equally beefy as sharp-edged noisy, but melodically by no means untroubled formation rose in 2013 from the ashes of some local bands and hermetically barricaded directly to the songwriting.

After the new material had been extensively tested live – among others as support for the godfathers Possessed – the band went to the renowned Iguana Studio and could already release their debut „The Wake Of Ares“ in 2015.

Only two years later the follow-up „Killing Creator“ was let off the chain, which took INFECTED CHAOS through half of Europe, loudly haunting well-known names like ‚MetalDays‘, ‚Winterdays Of Metal‘ and ‚Aaargh! Festival‘.

2015 • The Wake Of Ares (Full-length)
2017 • Killing Creator (Full-length)
2021 • Dead Aesthetics (Full-length)

INFECTED CHAOS are available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email !!



KATRE • A soulful journey into your own heart!

[ Logo: Katre ]

• 2. album of this uplifting emotional formation
• Sophisticated concept work with deeply touching songs
( Get to know the whole, profound concept here )
• Music art like literally out of the Post Rock picture book

The second album „Behind The Resilience“ is produced by Chris Edrich (The Ocean, Klone, Leprous) and will be available on digital platforms on Sept. 30ᵗʰ, 2021:

[ Artwork: Katre ]

1. So Was The Life 05:19
2. The Decision 04:34
3. The Route 05:25
4. The Mermaid 06:20
5. Now On The Continent 08:14
6. The Run 05:14
7. Looking For The Pearls 08:08
8. Behind The Resilience 07:19

total 50:37

Samples of „Behind The Resilience“ on herenow

[ Pic: Katre ]

Hasan Koç • Guitars, ebow, MIDI strings
Özgür Şepşül • Bass guitar
Şah Cihan İngin • Synthesizers
Okaner Ertuğrul • Drums

KATRE is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email !


[ Guitarist Hasan Koç talks about the story of
„Behind The Resilience“ ]

KATRE is a four-piece instrumental POST ROCK band formed in 2014 in Berlin. The band takes its name from the old Arabic word katre which means the ‚drop‘.

One distinguishing aspect of KATRE is that they tell stories with their songs and create concept albums.

Their debut album „Encounters“, released in 2017 via Fluttery Records, focuses on the concept of existence, i.e. conception and birth, growth and self-awareness. „Encounters“ received a very warm welcome in the Rock scene and has entered at #9 in iTunes Top 200 Releases Rock Chart in Turkey.

Due to civil wars, global warming, political persecution, and starvation, the number of people looking for security is increasing day by day. The latest reports indicate that refugees make nearly 1 % of the world population as of 2021. „Behind The Resilience“, the 2nd studio album of the band deals with this topic and tells a refugee story.

In particular, the songs focus on the different phases of refuging, such as the life of this family before the war, the start of the events, escaping, challenges on the way up to Europe, the feeling of being an unwanted person and trying to adapt to a new life. 

2017 • Encounters • Full-length
2021 • Behind The Resilience • Full-length

KATRE • Online:

KISSING CANDICE • A warning to ears & eyes!

[ Logo: Kissing Candice ]


„… bring much-needed freakiness and shock Rock bravado back to the Metal scene…“
(Metal Hammer)

„… neck-breaking and big melodies going hand in hand …“
(Cryptic Rock)

„The riffage inside is mosh-pit inducing, superbly infectious, and may very well crack anyone who dares listen in their own skull!“
(Underground Nation)

Base: New York • USA
Genre: Industrial Nu Metal
Title: Brand New Low
FFO: Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Slipknot
Format: Single & Music Video
Label: Zoid Entertainment
Release: Video: July 29ᵗʰ, 2021
Single: July 30ᵗʰ, 2021

• New single from one of the most uncompromising & promising US acts
• Shocking & thrilling visual conception
• Also musically absolutely independent & innovative

New York based Industrial Nu Metallers KISSING CANDICE teams up with TWIZTID vocalist Jamie Madrox for „Brand New Low“:
[ Music Video: Shot & edited by King Zabb ]

Quotes from Band:
Dreamer -> „This song is a view from the inside, of going from the top to the bottom.“

Grip: -> „‚Brand New Low‘ is a song about living your best life (a little too crazy) and just slowly descending to the bottom… It’s about being at your absolute worst, feeling super washed up. However, there’s always a way to pull yourself out from there!“

Joey -> „This song is about leaving behind all the depressing crap that’s been happening in our world lately. It’s here to remind you that it’s never too late to be washed up.“

[ Artwork: King Zabb ]

[ Pic: King Zabb ]

➤➤➤ Joey’s mask was made by custom by Tom Savini and Justin Baker. Tom Savini is known for doing Corey Taylor of Slipknot’s newest mask and effects make-up in most legendary horror movies.

KISSING CANDICE is a brutal yet melodic masked Metal band based out of New York. Combining the grooves of early Nu-Metal and the pulsing electronics of Industrial, with a modern aggression and edge, KISSING CANDICE is a horrific force to be reckoned with.

KISSING CANDICE has released material with both Victory Records and Stay Sick Recordings. They have relentlessly toured nationwide as part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in 2015, along with artists such as Mushroomhead, The Browning, I Set My Friends On Fire, Psychostick, Bam Margera, Combichrist, and many more!

In February 2020, KISSING CANDICE returned to the studio with producer Zach Jones to begin work on their upcoming full-length.
With no label behind them, the band emptied their own pockets along with turning to their fans for a perk packed crowdfunding campaign.
Immediately after the album was complete, live music came to a HALT! Slowly but surely, KISSING CANDICE worked around the clock to roll out their new album, which will decimate the year and show the Metal world what KISSING CANDICE is capable of!

Listen to „Brand New Low“ on various Streaming Portals etc.

Aunt Donna • Vocals
Dreamer • Guitar/Vocals
Suffront • Guitar
Grip • Bass
Pak-Man • Drums

Brand New Low 03:14

2012 • Murder • EP
2013 • Conjured • EP
2015 • Blind Until We Burn • Full-length
2017 • Safe Word • EP
2021 • Brand New Low • Single

KISSING CANDICE is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email

CELTIC HILLS • Regionales Historienbewusstsein

[ Logo: Wappenschmied ]

Am 16. April veröffentlichten Elevate Records das offizielle Music-Video zum Album-Song „The Tomorrow Of Our Sons“:

CELTIC HILLS sind ein Trio, bestehend aus Jonathan Vanderbilt an den Gitarren und dem Gesang, Jacopo Novello am Bass und Simone Cescutti am Schlagzeug.

Ins Leben gerufen wurde die stilistisch unbeirrbare Formation 2010 – es sollte aber noch einige Jahre dauern, bis die Welt von ihrem grundsoliden und eigenständigen POWER METAL breitere Kunde bekommen würde.

Zwischen 2010 und 2020 ließen sie ihr Demo „Horns Helmet Fighters“ im Untergruund zirkulieren.

[ Foto: Nicole Piccoli ]

Jonathan Vanderbilt • Vocals, Guitars
Jacopo Novello • Bass
Simone ‚Zigo‘ Cescutti • Drums

2020 unterschrieb die Band schließlich einen Plattenvertrag mit Elevate Records, welche im selben Jahr das Debütalbum „Blood Over Intents“ und die EP „Schräge Musik“ auf den Markt brachten.
Beide Veröffentlichungen erhielten hervorragende Kritiken aus der ganzen Welt, während die Musikvideos zu diesen zwei Werken die besten Erwartungen sogar übertroffen haben.

So entschieden sich CELTIC HILLS mit großem Enthusiasmus, zurück ins Studio zu gehen, um das neue Album „Mystai Keltoy“ aufzunehmen, welches von Michele Guaitoli, dem Sänger von Temperance, Vision Of Atlantis und Era, produziert und aufgenommen wurde.

[ Artwork: Sheila Franco ]

01. The Light 03:16
02. Blood Is Not Water 04:06
03. The Tomorrow Of Our Sons 03:29
04. The 7-Headed Dragon Of Osoppo 04:02
05. The Landing Of The Gods 03:27
06. Already Lost 03:51
07. Falling Star 03:58
08. Battle Of Frigidium 04:59
09. Eden 03:54
10. Temple Of Love 03:10
11. Allitteratio 03:20

total: 41:32

Die Texte des zweiten Langspielers sind immer noch von der Geschichte der Völker inspiriert, die das Gebiet des heutigen Carnia und Friaul bewohnten, aber mit einer anderen Perspektive gesehen, indem sie den Legenden (oder der Realität?) eine Stimme geben, in denen von einer Kolonisierung durch alte außerirdische Völker die Rede ist.

Kraft, Geschwindigkeit und gute melodische Linien zeichnen CELTIC HILLS aus.
Der gespielte Stil der inbrünstigen Udiner ist schwer in eine einzige Metal-Ader einzuordnen, da es viele Einflüsse gibt, die von Death bis Power reichen, mit Soundelementen, die auch an eine gewisse Art von 90er-Jahre-Thrash erinnern können. Auch der Gesang ist für eine Metalband recht abwechslungsreich und mag für einige Hörer sogar ziemlich ungewöhnlich erscheinen.

2010 • Horns Helmet Fighters (Demo)
2020 • Blood Over Intents (Full-length)
2020 • Schräge Music (EP)
2021 • Mystai Keltoy (Full-length)


PR Aktion:

CELTIC HILLS sind verfügbar für interviews via Phone, Skype & E-Mail


86 / 100
„… kraftvoll … zwischen Power, Symphonic und klassischem Heavy Metal … wird keinen Hörer enttäuschen, der zu verschiedenen Zeiten jeweilig ein ‚Defender Of The Faith‘, ein Fan der Kürbisse, der deutschen Piraten oder Jünger der besten Primal Fear war.“
(Loud And Proud IT)

8,5 / 10
„… intensiv …“
(World Of Metal)

8,5 / 10
„… tolle Mischung aus 80er Power Metal, Symphonic Metal á la Blind Guardian und Thrash Metal der deutschen Variante … bemerkenswerter Hybrid … eine Reihe von Ohrwürmern … Jonathans Stimme, die sofort diesen Markenzeichen-Faktor erzeugt …“
(Stalker Magazine)

8 / 10
„Kraftvoll und wuchtig … kraftvolle Soli … dichter Rhythmus … interessantes Album … erzählt die Legenden der im Friaul ansässigen Kelten und zeigt eine Band, die sich leidenschaftlich mit bestimmten Themen auseinandersetzt und ihrer Heimat durch Musik huldigt.“
(Giornale Metal IT)

8 / 10
„… nur schlecht einem Genre zuzuordnen … sehr abwechslungsreich … einerseits finden sich Tracks zwischen Power- und Death Metal ebenso wie Nummern, die man eher dem Symphonic Metal oder gar dem Hardrock zuordnen könnte … technisch sehr gut eingespielt … Songwriting und Musikalität sind kreativ und vielfältig, der Sound eindrücklich knackig …“
(Rocknews CH)

8 / 10
„… gute Überraschung und großer Klang … Power-Thrash der sympathischsten Art … wird Soli-Liebhaber glücklich machen … empfehlenswert für alle Heavy-Fans, die sich gerne neue Bands anhören, um sich etwas Frische zu verschaffen.“
(Soil Chronicles)

75 / 100
„Was beim Hören am meisten beeindruckt, ist die Überzeugung, das Bekenntnis als auch der Glaube, den Vanderbilt und seine Band in jede einzelne Note legen … ein wertvolles Album …“
(TrueMetal IT)

75 / 100
„Für Fans von exzentrischem Folk/Power/Speed gibt es hier eine ganze Menge zu mögen … kraftvoll, praktisch und hat einen interessanten keltischen Touch … verblüffend, was diese Band macht.“
(Zware Metalen)

7,5 / 10
„… Jonathan Vanderbilts Stimme hat sich entwickelt. An einigen Stellen erinnert er an einen jungen Ralf Scheepers … dadurch klingen weite Teile des Albums auch wie alte Gamma Ray … ein starkes und recht eigenständiges Album … hart und mit Tiefgang …“

7,5 / 10
„… melodisch, kraftvoll und symphonisch, mit tollen Melodien, viel Double-bass, einem Sänger in hohen Tonlagen und mit pompösen Chören … Einflüsse von Judas Priest, Primal Fear oder Vicious Rumors … Freunde von italienischem Metal, aber auch von Power Metal generell, werden hier sicherlich einen kleinen Kracher für sich entdecken.“
(Crossfire Metal)

3,5 / 5
„… mitreißend … der richtige Weg …“
(All Around Metal)

„Die Songs von CELTIC HILLS bringen uns zurück in die Welt der Kelten, deren Kult und Rätsel ein wirklich schönes Album verschönern …“

„… explosiv und feurig … außergewöhnliche Ausbrüche frenetischer Gitarrenarbeit … muskulöser Gesangsstil … solide Produktion …“
(The Razors Edge)


KING SATAN • Necessary liberation!

[ Logo: Ville Rissanen ]

At the dawn of a new decade, while the world faced the global pandemic rendering all previous plans obsolete, KING SATAN started working on new material more determined than ever.

The first result of this will be presented to the world with a brand new Single and Music Video titled „This Is Where The Magick Happens“ worldwide.
Premiere: May 27, 2021.

King Seth Aleister Satan, vocalist & director of the new music video, comments:
„The world peaked in the year 1999 and it has been downfall ever since, so I wanted to take this 90’s exploitation much further than before in order to relive those summer hits! And of course, all filtered through our own style and the message of anti-conformity, spiritual anarchy and hunger for enlightenment. There might be or might not be a story of symbolic allegory in the video, making references to various influential thinkers from Socrates to Aleister Crowley and everything between, adjusted into modern times. But most likely I want to say these things only for the keywords for search engines cos people don’t read these statements anyway to the end. PS.: Nietzsche.“

[ Artwork: King Satan ]

2017 • King Fucking Satan (Full-length)
2019 • I Want You To Worship Satan (Full-length)
2021 • This Is Where The Magick Happens (Single)

[ Behind the scenes photo with actors by Joonas Juntunen ]

KING SATAN is an INDUSTRIAL METAL band emerging from Tampere, Finland, founded in 2015.

The group’s non-conforming brand of extreme Metal is perhaps best defined by their tendency to combine the topics of Satanism and Occult philosophy together with carnivalesque exploitation and blasphemous dark humor.

Nonetheless, the group’s over-the-top musical style follows no genre-boundaries either, as it draws its major influences from electro-Industrial and Death Metal just as casually as from the areas of Dance Punk and various symphonic elements.

While the act started as a solo project of the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist King Seth Aleister Satan, it has then evolved into a live show-oriented group with a full line-up, and to this day has released two full-length albums „King Fucking Satan“ (2017) and „I Want You To Worship Satan“ (2019).

[ King Seth Aleister Satan • Pic: Cerulean Midnight ]

King Seth Aleister Satan • Vocals
EF-13 • Guitar
Hekate ‚Kate‘ Boss • Synths, Vocals
Jerry Rock’n’Roll • Bass
Pete Hellraiser • Drums
Suvi Lammi • Keyboards (Guest)

Although KING SATAN’s roots are originally in the aggrotech based Metal music, the group started incorporating more live band elements into their stage performances while the years went by. Eventually most of these elements became permanent parts on the studio recordings as well.

Together with several singles and distinctive music videos directed by the band’s frontman the project has stirred lots of fuzz and controversy since the day one, while facing the acclaim, criticism, confusion and devoted following all at the same time.

It all led into singles reaching viral charts and ever-growing demand for live performances from which the band has become known for while touring in clubs and festivals in Finland and around Europe.


➤➤➤ KING SATAN is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email !!


VENGEFUL GHOUL • Glorious mastery!

In the metallic triumphant and artistically timeless noble tradition of eternal cult greats like Helstar, Vicious Rumors, Jag Panzer, Agent Steel and Nevermore, these five Turkish thrashers cultivate their stirringly intense material.

And the seemingly programmatic band name is not deceptive in the slightest, because it simply covers what they offer perfectly! When VENGEFUL GHOUL first came into existence in 2005 in the metropolis of Istanbul, the first participants immediately realized that musically they are clearly called to higher things …

On April 17, 2021, VENGEFUL GHOUL revealed the cover art of their brand new single „Back To War“ from the upcoming 2nd album „Infestation“!

„Back To War“, recorded at Ruthless Crow Studios, Istanbul, will be available for all digital platforms on May 7, 2021.
This is how it should be:
the new track was mixed & mastered by renowned sound guru Jens Bogren at famous Fascination Street Studios, Örebro. Hugely appreciated Bogren also did the final mastering for „Timeless Warfare“ and the Swede delivered a really brilliant job for this.

[ Artwork: Senem Ündemir ]

Accordingly, the songs of the technically top trained commando remind much more of fervent incantations than of regular genre songs. And so the violently gripping POWER THRASH METAL of the massively talented overpressure band matured remarkably fast to a damn substantial recipe, as the band showed 2014 with the multiple excellent debut album „Timeless Warfare“.

After the 2006 demo „Premier Fury“ and the 2013 e-single „Ruthless Crow“, VENGEFUL GHOUL thus returned very strong. Vocalist Emre Kasapoğlu and rhythm guitarist Senem Ündemir together with their formation have been gripped by the desire for the heaviest Thrash rage as thoroughly as lastingly, as can be clearly heard on this killer disc!

[ Pic: Irene Bernad ]

The all-around demanding quintet leaves in the amazingly cleverly structured compositions neither original ideas, explosive riff outbreaks nor a far-reaching distinctive playing culture missing. Also sophisticated arrangements are a matter of honor for these high-level musicians.

Progressive passages are interwoven just as skillfully and with clearly audible success, so that the whole thing remains permanently exciting. Provided with traditional Heavy Metal elements, the numbers of the juicy record gain more memorable significance with every play.

Ultimately, the deeply determined Bosphorus troupe knows how to pile up their very own mix of glorious US Metal mastery and a very own, consistently authentic attitude symbolically miles high! (Markus Eck)

VENGEFUL GHOUL is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email !

Emre Kasapoğlu • Vocals
Senem Ündemir • Guitars
Emre Altinok • Bass
Volkan Beykoz • Drums

2014 • Timeless Warfare (Full-length)
2021 • Back To War (Single)



METALMESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ • „VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“

Artwork: Fastner & Larson

Quality instead of quantity, class instead of mass!

„VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“, the successor to the 2019 released compilation „VII • Respect The Steel“, proudly presents 15 Rock & Metal hopefuls, once again far off the undignified constructed mainstream.

The classic designed cover artwork comes from the capable hands of Minnesota based illustrators Steve Fastner & Rich Larson.
The duo with the original style already provided album covers for bands like Overkill, Intruder and Powermad.

As always compiled with immense love, dedication and effort, the exquisite qualitative style variation of „VIII • Immortal Euphoria!“ ranges from diverse, crisp Rock styles to epically uplifting Heavy Metal, deeply touching Doom Metal, whipping Thrash Metal and catchy Melodic Death Metal to gripping atmospheric Black Metal:


METAL is the MESSAGE … and the MESSAGE is LOUD !

01. ROCKIN‘ ENGINE (Canada) „Let It Burn“
02. ANTRISCH (Germany) „Gipfelfieber“
03. UNDER SIEGE (Italy) „Sotto Assedio“
04. CULT OF SALEM (Germany) „Anthem To An Outer God“
05. COLDUN (Germany) „Grand Sun Ritual“
06. VARUS (Germany) „Tränk dein Herz“
07. HARDLAND (Netherlands) „Rise And Shine“
08. LORDS OF SALEM (Germany) „Hell Over Salem“
09. THE FIFTH HORSEMAN (Germany) „The Void“
10. TASKFORCE TOXICATOR (Germany) „Reborn In Thrash“
11. NEMESIS SOPOR (Germany) „Eis zu Stein I – Wind“
12. SNAKEWINE (Germany) „Black Hood“
13. ON ATLAS‘ SHOULDERS (Germany) „The Executioner“
14. RAVENFIELD (Germany) „Self Destruction“
15. HAND OF KALLIACH (Scotland) „White Horizon“ 

released April 18, 2021

Cover art: Fastner & Larson

Compilation Overview:

HEATHEN FORAY • Jetzt wird’s zünftig!

HEATHEN FORAY melden sich zurück!
Am 07. Mai 2021 veröffentlichen die Grazer eine spezielle Coverversion des österreichischen Multi-Platin-Hits „Steirermen San Very Good“ des weit über die dortigen Landesgrenzen hinaus berühmt gewordenen, volkstümlichen Trios Die Stoakogler:

[ Artwork: Heathen Foray ]

2018 feierten die drei Stoakogler ihr 50-jähriges (!) Jubiläum als Musikgruppe, was sogar in der volkstümlichen Musikwelt eine eher seltene Feierlichkeit darstellt.

Axeman Jürgen Brüder kommentiert das aktuelle Artwork von „Steirermen San Very Good“:
„Darauf sieht man den Schädel eines Hirsches. Der hängt bei den Wildingers (Max, Bass & Alex, Gitarre) beim Opa am Haus. Da haben wir die neuesten Bandfotos aufgenommen und der fiel mir sofort ins Auge. Der Hirschschädel schaut zum einen echt super nach Metal aus, andererseits hat er etwas Heidnisches an sich und steht drittens wohl auch für etwas. Wofür genau? Für alte, verwesende Traditionen, die niemand mehr braucht? Für den Tod, der uns alle dereinst einmal ereilen wird? Für all die Virus-Schrecken des letzten Jahres 2020? Der weiß/grüne Anstrich repräsentiert die Flagge unserer Heimat, der Steiermark. Durch das Ganze scheint der ‚Dachstein‘, der höchste Gipfel in der Steiermark, aus dem Hintergrund durch. Die Triskele rechts unten ist seit dem ‚Weltenwandel‘-Album bei uns im Einsatz als alternatives Band-Logo. Und weil der neue Single-Song ohnehin nur auf Spotify etc. kommt, haben wir auf jeglichen additionalen Text verzichtet.“

[ Robert Schroll • Vocals • Foto: Heathen Foray ]

Hier kann man den Song „Steirermen San Very Good“ für Spotify vorbestellen:



ANTRISCH • Triumph on the stormy peak

[ Logo: Dantas Inferno ]

ANTRISCH cultivates in a highly original and independent way an exquisite mixture of different styles of Black Metal, skillfully mixed with parts of Doom, Djent and Dark Ambient.

The group name ANTRISCH is inspired by the world-famous South Tyrolean mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner, who published the dialectical term ‚antric light‘ – which stands for ’strange, secretly, uncanny‘ and simply fits perfectly to the atmospheric music of the Würzburg hopefuls.

[ Pic: Antrisch • Retouching & editing by Christian Wolf ]

Founded in 2020, ANTRISCH with their highly charismatic ATMOSPHERIC BLACK METAL explore the inner world, which allows for the wide range of expressions that the human spirit is capable of bringing forth from the inner life.

In addition, the outer world is also thematized in an equally sophisticated and no less gripping way, whereby the profound formation essentially deals with the vast landscapes and the captivating forces of nature, which have been experienced in the most extreme way by some daredevils through past, historical expeditions to the most extreme landscapes of the world.

45° 49′ 57″ N, 6° 51′ 52″ O
On April 8, the intrepid visionaries around guitarist and main composer Robert Falcon Scott rope all inclined listeners along to experience a musical and lyrical expedition to the heights of the world and the depths of man with the sensational debut EP „EXPEDITION I : Dissonanzgrat“:

[ Artwork: Antrisch • Photo still is taken from the motion picture „Nanga Pargat“ by Hans Ertl (1953) ]


5 / 5
„The extreme and unforgiving landscape is captured perfectly, whilst capturing a wide range of complex, adrenaline fueled and fear driven emotions … you are left with a constant chill down your spine, as it feels like the band gave carved out the grim, isolated and chilling atmosphere out of a glacier … distinctly unique … carefully calculated and executed perfectly … stunning debut …“


[ Emblem: Dantas Inferno ]