ASPIDIUM – Exorcism of the innermost being

The term ‚catharsis‘ – Greek for ‚purification‘ – is known as the hypothesis that living out internal conflicts and buried (suppressed) emotions results in a reduction of these conflicts and feelings. Not by accident, ASPIDIUM has dedicated the instrumental of its debut album „Manifestum“ to this topic.

[ Pic: Kurt Jason Kelderer ]

Kurt Jason Kelderer • Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Altmann • Guitar
Susi Hartmann • Bass
Emil Herrmann • Drums

ASPIDIUM arose out of a solo project of Kurt ‚Jason‘ Kelderer beginning of 2017 in Abtsgmünd. Jason already has played bass guitar for many years in several bands, but in none of them, he was able to realize his personal ideas of music. Hence, at the beginning of 2017 he started to put his emotions into songs and to fulfill his musical visions, his manifest. The foundation of ASPIDIUM had been set.

At the beginning planed as mere solo project, ASPIDIUM evolved to a German/Italian band project with the entry of Benni Leiter from South Tyrol on the guitar.

Together the first CD „Manifestum“ was released in 2018. The recordings were made by Lukas Flarer at the Sound Control Studio in Meran, the cover artwork was taken over by Dani Hofer from South Tyrol.

In the course of 2019, the new songs for the second album „Harmagedon“ were created also as a solo project, which was recorded in proven cooperation with Lukas Flarer. For the cover artwork, Dani Hofer could be won again. The release of „Harmagedon“ is planned for April 18, 2020. Live on stage Kurt Jason Kelderer is supported by Susi Hartmann, Thomas Altmann and Emil Herrmann.

[ Cover art: DaNi Hofer • Archetype Design ]

01. Harmagedon 03:55
02. Welt vorm Kollaps 04:31
03. Gleichschritt Marsch 04:51
04. Tödliche Begierde 04:53
05. Scheinwelt 05:03
06. Elegie 04:44
07. Falscher Prophet 04:02
08. Monochrom 03:56

total: 35:55 min.

„Why does a BLACK DEATH METAL band need to write necessarily its songs in English“, Jason asks into the scene. ASPIDIUM is unconventional and does not like to be put into a box. Rules, clichés and ready-made opinions are there to be broken, according to the bandleader.

Thus ASPIDIUM combines German lyrics with uncompromising Black Death without any blinders. Socially critical lyrics that put their finger on the weak spots of our time, without the stereotypical thinking attached to Black or Death Metal, characterizes ASPIDIUM.

2018 • Manifestum (Full-length)
2020 • Harmagedon (Full-length)

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HARDLAND – Time travel up to date

„In Control“ is the title of the second album by the Dutch rockers HARDLAND. Even more than with the self-titled debut of 2017, the band has managed to create a completely different MELODIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK sound from very different influences.

This ranges from Heavy Rock, AOR over 80s-Wave to accessible (Power)Pop, with a special love for music from the 1970s and 1980s.

The very well done cover „Are Friends Electric“, which was a big hit for the British synthesizer formation Tubeway Army in 1979, further underlines this. „In Control“ otherwise only contains own compositions: hard Rock songs interspersed with a single ballad.

[ Pic: DCH Photography ]

Paul • Guitar, Vocals
Aeilko • Guitar, Vocals
Remi • Bass, Vocals
Marco • Keyboards
Eric • Drums

HARDLAND’s story is something special anyway. The band started as a project by the two singers and multi-instrumentalists Aeilko Venema and Paul Evers. The two musicians shared the same musical preferences, started working on songs together and finally felt the need to record them in a studio. In 2017, the first long player „Hardland“ was created, which was mainly recorded with friends of musicians.

Quality immediately had top priority: veteran Sean Magee took over the mastering at the legendary Abbey Road Studio in London. He worked with greats like Rush, Gary Moore and Deep Purple, but was booked by HARDLAND primarily for his collaboration with Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and The Beatles. Thanks to Magee’s contribution, the first CD immediately developed an international appeal.

On May 18, the current album successor „In Control“ was preceded by the single „The Nation’s Biggest Enemies“, which is also the opener of the album. The song was immediately positively received and supported by Rock Rage Radio, one of the largest Rock stations in America.

[ Cover art: Frans Mensink ]

01. The Nation’s Biggest Enemies 03.27
02. Are Friends Electric 05.16
03. The Powers Within 05.15
04. Rise & Shine 03.15
05. Haunted 03.20
06. Dazzled By The Presence Of Love 03.45
07. Love, Love, Love 04.46
08. Pleasure & Pain 03.54
09. Still Dreaming 04.52
10. Last Goodbye 04.06

total: 41:58 min.

In the continuation of the musical history of HARDLAND, the best of the 1970s and 1980s is once again transformed into the present:
striking melodies, varied vocals, beautiful keyboard parts and tasteful guitar work.

2017 • Hardland (Full-length)
2019 • The Nation’s Biggest Enemies (EP)
2019 • In Control (Full-length)

And this time there is the whole thing from a real band, which has now optimally merged. Although the main tone of the music is once again determined by rock-solid, classic (Hard) Rock, HARDLAND deliberately deviates from it several times – for example with the cover „Are Friends Electric“. Or also with a song like „Love, Love, Love“, in which the fascinating spirit of the good old Beach Boys and their tears roams in the morning.

„Everything comes back in our sound universe“, says Aeilko. „We love giants like Led Zeppelin, Journey and Whitesnake. At the same time, we have a weakness for songs that were produced in the 80s by unforgettable acts such as Tears For Fears, Talk Talk and Tubeway Army. In the choirs of certain songs on the second album you can also hear that we really adore the polyphonic vocals in which the Eagles as well as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were so immensely good. Yes, the list of musicians and groups that inspired us is endless.“ (Markus Eck)

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8 / 10
„… good songwriting …“
(Metal Temple)

8 / 10
„… loads to like here …“

75 / 100
„… HARDLAND brings catchy music with which they will undoubtedly score live … due to the wide influences there is enough variety to fascinate.“

74 / 100
„… positive feeling … the group knows how to fascinate … HARDLAND is an asset to the Dutch Melodic Rock.“
(Metalfan NL)

7 / 10
„… very solid album on which Melodic (Hard) Rock still predominates, but on which time and time also nice experiments are made with alternative influences … there are also a number of songs on ‚In Control‘ that will certainly appeal to traditional Rock fans.“
(Arrow Lords Of Metal)

„… HARDLAND has taken multiple musical risks on ‘In Control’, adding seventies synthesizers sounds into the mix together with more contemporary Rock … in a way musical daredevils … served with a twist and some spin … for the more adventurous type of rocker something to dive into!“
(HeadBangers LifeStyle)





HANGATYR – Straight from within


When the fellows launched HANGATYR in spring 2006, the stylistic direction of the idealists from Saxony and Central Thuringia was immediately clear:
cold, Nordic guitar riffs, paired with typical Thuringian melodies and German lyrics, inspired by the mythology that lives deep inside the creators, should shape the music.

The inspiring band name pays tribute to Odin, the father of the gods – ‚Hangatyr‘ is its epithet in the rune’s song. He sacrificed himself and hung on the world ash Yggdrasil for nine days to learn the runes. HANGATYR see the meaning behind this in that you have to give something to gain knowledge and wisdom.

[ Pic: Ute Ruhmann ]

Silvio • Vocals
Ali • Guitar
Basti • Guitar
Micha • Drums

By autumn 2007, the musicians had been working on the songs for the very first self-titled demo CD, which was produced with complete self-energy. A start was made, a brand was set.

Before the recordings for the debut album „Helwege“ could begin, the drum stool had to be occupied in the truest sense of the word. With Michael, a dedicated drummer could be found quickly, who was ready to record in the studio after a short period of familiarization. At the end of February 2010 the time had come: the outstanding „Helwege“ could be released.

In the following time, various guest performances were celebrated on suitable stages and further ideas for new songs were collected. HANGATYR set out well prepared in April 2012 to record the album successor „Elements“. In February 2013, the last fragments were put together. Alexander Dietz, known from Heaven Shall Burn, mastered the material in his Chemical Burn Studios. In early 2014 the disc was thrown into the scene.

HANGATYR, motivated even more by increasing encouragement and recognition in the genre, continued to pursue their very own vision of violently-biting but firm Black Metal with a clear focus.

The common path separated in 2017 when founding member Tele and long-time companion Marco left the group. In the same year Basti offered to get on the guitar, which turned out to be a real stroke of luck. His dedication and the experience he brought with him gave HANGATYR a different soundscape.

[ Cover art: Ute Ruhmann ]

01. Niedergang 06:20
02. Entferntes Ich 06:35
03. Firnheim 07:22
04. Blick aus Eis 04:24
05. Kalter Grund 06:19
06. …kalt 02:05
07. Mittwinter 07:52
08. Verweht 07:05

total: 48:13 min.

In October 2019, the route once again led to Chemical Burn Studios in Bad Kösen. Together with Alexander Dietz, the new compositions were refined, which can now be heard on „kalt“:
relentlessly hard-hitting, uncompromising BLACK METAL anthems, from which the eternal spirit of the old and the true proudly emerges.

For example, it is lasting impressive and close to nature to experience how fatal the fervent outbreak „Cold Ground“ penetrates under the skin. Because also in terms of lyrics, those involved in the publication stand together for timeless depth – in this sense, a captivating concept was developed for „kalt“. In principle, the album is all about the oppressive cold that arises when you have to suffer painful loss.

Official Preview for „kalt“:

With „kalt“HANGATYR offer substantial Black Metal. Songs of pure power, inspired by darkness and spirituality, which rise so imposingly that often a real feeling of triumph arises, which in the end wants to despair of icy loneliness. (Markus Eck)

2010 • Helwege (Full-length)
2014 • Elemente (Full-length)
2020 • kalt (Full-length)

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( )

Official PR & Promo:

HANGATYR • Online:


ist der erste Teil der „Memoria“-Trilogie, in der die Geschichte des 2017 veröffentlichten Debütalbums „Civitas Interitus“ weitergeht.

Mit „Memoria“ wagt sich die Schweizer Band an eine komplexere Geschichte heran. INFINITAS gehen davon aus, dass jeder Mensch selber entscheiden kann, ob das Leben gut oder böse ist. Die Geschichte geht nun in 3 parallelen Zeitsträngen weiter.

„Infernum“ ist das bislang düsterste und härteste Werk der Muotathaler. Aufgenommen und produziert wurde das Album bei Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, ex-Kreator) im New Sound Studio.

Und es gibt einen prominenten Gastsänger auf „Infernum“ zu erleben: Chrigel Glanzmann von Eluveitie!

[ Cover art: Franz Föhn ]

01. Afanc 08:08
02. A Manifested Nightmare 00:35
03. Antahkarana In Flames (Avnas Prelude) 00:52
04. Avnas 04:08
05. Utukki 05:53
06. Infernum Overture (Lilith Prelude) 00:46
07. Lilith 09:21
08. Rahu 04:25
09. A Starless Universe (Tiamat Prelude) 01:30
10. Tiamat 06:37
11. Vadatajs 06:40
12. The Seeker Of Truth 00:51
13. Consultus (Memoria I) 02:45
total: 52:31 min.

Im Griff der Sehnsucht!

Als Appetithappen für das kommende neue Album „Infernum“ veröffentlichten INFINITAS am 31. Oktober 2019 ein neues Musikvideo zum Albumsong „Rahu“, der auch als Single ausgekoppelt wurde.

Die Band kommentiert dazu:
„Jemanden zu verlieren ist nie einfach und kann tiefe Gefühle wecken. Ganz besonders hart ist es, wenn von einer geliebten Person Abschied genommen werden muss. Mit dem neuen Song ‚Rahu‘ bringen wir genau diese Gefühle zum Ausdruck. ‚Rahu‘ ist in der indischen Mythologie ein Dämon, der für die Mond- und Sonnenfinsternis verantwortlich ist. Er bringt Schatten über die Erde, so, wie der Abschied von etwas oder jemandem Schatten über unsere Leben bringen kann.“

[ Cover art: Infinitas ]


Als Appetithappen für das kommende neue Album „Infernum“ veröffentlichten INFINITAS am 12. September 2019 ein neues Musikvideo zum Albumsong „Avnas“, der auch als Single ausgekoppelt wurde.

Die Band kommentiert dazu:
„Avnas – in der Mythologie ein Dämon in Feuergestalt, der Schätze entdeckt und Wissen über die menschliche Seele liefert. Genau der passende Dämon, um INFINITAS‚ Botschaft an die Welt in einen Song zu packen:
Wer dieses innerliche Feuer verspürt, diesen Drang, etwas zu bewirken in dieser Welt, soll diesem Zeichen folgen. Nur wer wagt, gewinnt. Wer nie wagt, weiß nie, ob es geklappt hätte.“

[ Cover art: Infinitas ]

INFINITAS brennen für ihre Sache, wie sie proklamieren, und das innere Feuer treibt die beständigen Muotathaler immer weiter an, ihre gross gesteckten Ziele zu erreichen. Immer mit Blick nach vorne, stehen sie wieder auf, wenn sie fallen. „Dieser Mut, der Wille und diese Energie soll all diejenigen erreichen, die noch an sich selber zweifeln“, lässt die Formation verlauten.

[ Foto: Infinitas ]

Andrea Böll • Vocals, Percussion
Selv Martone • Guitar, Virtual Instruments
Savannah Childers • Violin
Pirmin ‚Piri‘ Betschart • Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Clarinette

Live-Session Musicians:
Marcel ‚Camel‘ Koller • Bass, Background Vocals

2015 Self-Destruction (EP)
2017 Civitas Interitus (Full-length)
2018 Skylla (EP)
2019 Avnas (Single)
2019 Rahu (Single)
2019 Infernum (Full-length)


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BLACK LILIUM – Emotional enjoyment


The fact that you are dealing with protagonists who have many years of experience and are therefore capable of multiple activities is already evident during the first minutes of listening. Guitarist Marcel and drummer Jan have known each other since their school days. The first band together started back in 1987.

Anyone who genuinely loves and deeply appreciates hard music will never let it go anyway – so in 2013 the two started again to work resolutely and visionarily on new songs.

In 2014, BLACK LILIUM was finally founded, and the participants worked on the compositions, both diligently and with a focus on quality.

[ Pic: Andy Grünitz ]

Felix Hochkeppel • Vocals, Keys
Marcel Wroblewski • Guitar
Maurice Scholz • Guitar
Lasse Lammert • Bass
Jan Knoop • Drums

It should be completely melodic and timelessly beautiful, with ear-friendly refrains and really grippy structures – together with a singer who is just perfect for the exquisite PROGRESSIVE MELODIC METAL style of the formation.

With the signing of golden throat Felix, a direct hit was achieved, this top talent covers the entire emotional range of the songs with his changeable and harmonious voice. Broad and iridescent floating keyboard scores of captivating beauty round off what is on offer with brilliant guitar work. The high musicality is simply impressive.

BLACK LILIUM present veritable catchy tunes with deeply inspired hymns such as the big hit „My Purpose“ or the equally empathetically accentuated power pack „Everything I Am“.

It is a matter of enjoying excellent gems that you shouldn’t hear every day despite the continued flood of bands – as if Muse with Mando Diao had made an unwavering decision with all their talents and skills to win the all-melodic Metal mastery in the field of aesthetics!

[ Cover art: Chris Valentine ]

01 Beast In The Backseat 4:42
02 Paragon Of Imperfection 4:55
03 Demon In Disguise 3:54
04 Start All Over 4:25
05 Never 4:18
06 Walls Around My Soul 3:26
07 Everything I Am 4:39
08 The Ones You Made Us 3:52
09 My Purpose 3:45
10 Dead Man’s Diary 6:08
11 Ghosts Without A Voice 3:45

total: 47:00 min.

If one does the effort and studies the realistic lyrics of the tracks line by line while listening, you can increase the goosebumps factor even more.

And that they can not only interlock crisp, modern nuances in terms of functionality, but also celebrate them in a sublime manner, prove BLACK LILIUM with the stirring and even fully danceable „Ghosts Without A Voice“!

In 2019, the Schleswig-Holstein hopefuls released their all around thrilling debut album „Dead Man’s Diary“ first in digital form, the official physical release will be on January 31, 2020. (Markus Eck)

[ Pic: Andy Grünitz ]


Direct link Streaming Services

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R.U.S.T.X – A hard rocking family affair

Formed in 2003, the Cypriot rockers were fully determined right from the start. Truly-from-the-heart and no BS melodic HEAVY METAL with classic rocking passages is their absolute passion as one can easily determine with just one listen.

Enthusiastic and passionate about everything R.U.S.T.X do, their upcoming 3rd album „Center Of The Universe“ will unquestionably convince old school lovers that they do mean serious business.

[ Pic: Pat Panayi ]

Peter Pan Xanthou • Guitars & Vocals
George Xanthou • Bass Guitar & Vocals
Katerina Xanthou • Keys & Vocals
John Xanthou • Drums & Vocals

The band’s outstanding positive energy and originality are accurately reflected by each of the album’s 10 magnificent songs and so are the band’s influences which are deeply rooted into 70s and 80s Rock and Metal icons.

The level of musicianship in „Center Of The Universe“ is beyond perfect and the band sounds completely harmonious and in perfect unity. Not surprising since, not only all band members are seasoned musicians, but all four are siblings (!), 3 brothers and their sister, who apart from their instruments, they all share vocal duties! A most definite (and amazing) family affair!

The band comments: „With this album we really pushed ourselves to the limit and the result is like something out of this planet. A comeback to the 70s and 80s era of Rock and Metal music that we so much adore.“

Legendary radio producer Robert Camassa, who pens a foreword on the album, couldn’t have put it better: „This album is like a swiss clock, ticking along nicely, never skipping a beat. This is a band that has paid its dues and has come roaring back with a killer album. If R.U.S.T.X should ever need a blood transfusion it must be Heavy Metal+.“

[ Cover art: Chris Achilleos ]

01. Defendre Le Rock 04:51
02. Running Man 03:25
03. Black Heart 04:29
04. I Stand To Live 05:26
05. Endless Skies 04:32
06. Center Of The Universe 09:09
07. Widow’s Cry 05:38
08. Wake Up 04:45
09. Dirty Road (CD bonus) 04:17
10. Band On The Run (CD bonus) 05:18

total: 51:50 min.
The remarkable work of R.U.S.T.X is completed by the magnificent cover created by the amazing Chris Achilleos, known for his unique interpretation of stunning amazons, epic dragons and paintings inspired by ancient civilizations and mythology. His works have adorned hundreds of fantasy book covers in the 70s and 80s and of course he is best known for his painting of the heroine Taarna commissioned for 1981’s „Heavy Metal“ animated movie poster.

The album also features guest appearances by Paolo Nipa (DARK QUARTERER) and Andrea Ramacciotti (DEADLY TIDE) and it was recorded and mixed at Woodstock Recording Studio in Piombino, Italy by Andrea Ramacciotti.

„Center Of The Universe“ is out on November 15th on CD and Digital with a vinyl release planned for a later stage. The CD version features 2 bonus tracks, including a cover of the classic „Band On The Run“ (Paul McCartney & Wings). A track is available for streaming and free download at Pitch Black Records where pre-order information is also available.

2011 • Forged In The Fire Of Metal (full-length)
2015 • Destiny Riders (EP)
2017 • T.T.P.M. (full-length)
2019 • Center Of The Universe (full-length)

„… very reminiscent of early Europe … well produced and very enjoyable … exciting times ahead.“
(Independent Music Showcase)

7 / 10
„… an entertaining disc …“

7 / 10
„Wow … bubbling Hammond, pop rock riffs and Bonnet-like vocals …“
(Musipedia Of Metal)

„… riffs are frenetic … melodies are top notch … vocals are seriously on the ball … a fantastic performance.“
(The Median Man)

„… very good …“
(Sentinel Daily)


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METALMESSAGE „VII • Respect The Steel“

Class instead of mass!

„VII • Respect The Steel“, the current successor to the 2015 released sampler „VI“, proudly presents 13 Metal hopefuls, far off the undignified constructed mainstream.

Stylistically set up with a competent focus, the whole thing is an as stylishly homage to the classic, primeval Heavy Metal, as thereon one can experience also fully sworn Black Metal in all its dark splendor.

The emphatically traditionally designed, appropriately combative cover artwork comes from the capable hands of Serbian illustrator Dusan Markovic.

Even epic uplifting Pagan & Viking Metal gets featured on „VII • Respect The Steel“.

Once again compiled with lots of love, dedication and effort, the flow of songs, smoothly going into the ear, also includes martial-crisp Groove Thrash and melodically violent gripping, sovereign Death Metal.

 Official release:
October 14, 2019

Media feedback:
➤ „… features some of the finest discoveries for all around the world … a truly adventurous collection of Metal artistry whose curator’s passion for the genre is nothing short of legendary.“ (Highwire Daze,

Check & listen „VII • Respect The Steel“ @ Bandcamp directly: