SWEEPING DEATH – Innovative Offenbarung!




Innovative Offenbarung!

Mit virtuos-flink geschrubbten Gitarren-Funkenflügen laden SWEEPING DEATH ein PROGRESSIVE THRASH METAL-Gewitter auf, dessen wuchtige Komplexität sich erstaunlich weitläufig entlädt. Mit ihrem beflügelnd quirligen Spezial-Mix werden die bayerischen Newcomer somit gleich reihenweise Metallerherzen im Sturm einnehmen können.

SWEEPING DEATH verbinden die treibend-powernden Kraftprotz-Manieren des zeitgemäßen, melodisch orientierten Power Metal mit der energischen und ungestümen Energie des Thrash Metal. Massive Einschübe von klassischem Schwermetall in spannend progressiv aufgebauten Strukturen sorgen dabei für eine heftig belebende Rundum-Massage der Nackenwirbel.

Selbst die raffiniertest inszenierten Soli lässt die Formation so selbstverständlich einfließen, als wäre man in der Band einzig dafür geboren worden. Mit einem vielfach fähigen Sänger, der von ästhetischem Classic Rock bis hin zu krass beißendem Extreme Metal so ziemlich alles draufhat, krönen die Jungs ihren wirklich einzigartigen Sound.

Jeweilige Genrekenner werden eigenständig komprimierte Anklänge an Annihilator bei SWEEPING DEATH beispielsweise genauso heraushören können wie episch-atmosphärische Anleihen bei Pink Floyd. (!)

Perlend umgesetzte Einflüsse aus der Welt der Klassik erheben sich dabei immer wieder erlaucht aus dem merklich liebevoll und leidenschaftlich komponierten Repertoire der vielversprechenden Truppe. Gerade die künstlerisch clever zusammengebrachte Summe der kontrastreichen Bestandteile macht aus der Musik des sensationell talentierten Fünfers einen Hochgenuss für eine stilistische variable Vielzahl an Metal-Gourmets. (Markus Eck)

METALMESSAGE ist nun zum Jahresende 2016 auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Label, das die bereits fertig produzierte EP dieser vielfach außergewöhnlichen Hoffnungsträger weltweit veröffentlichen wird.


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NORTHERN LINES – Own identity absolutely preferred

proudly presents:

Own identity absolutely preferred

NORTHERN LINES come together as a band at the end of 2012, starting their activity in 2013. The multiple outstanding Italian formation performs a special as interesting, refreshing and listenable kind of INSTRUMENTAL PROGRESSIVE FUSION ROCK.

The band consists of Cristiano Schirò on drums, Alberto Lo Bascio on guitar and Stefano Silvestri on Bass. The three sophisticated musicians decide to give life to the project because of their necessity to have a free musical space. Free from trending patterns, son of modern times but with roots solidly anchored in the 70s, real cultural heaven from which the three of them feel at home.

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, but also The Aristocrats and Rush, this is their field of study and listening. To this initial piece of the puzzle, they add a sense of humor and self-irony, playing around inside of their music, alternating revisited classic patterns (maybe in odd time signatures), with changes of tempo and style.

All of this is delivered through a sincere Hard Rock approach, without the need of too much sonic-artifacts. It’s not the kind of Prog music to be connected with the concept of Suite, but rather that of synthesis.

Guitarist Alberto Lo Bascio and drummer Cristiano Schirò came to know each other, and shortly after started collaborating, in 2008, recording three singles together.

The musical collaboration between bassist Stefano Silvestri and drummer Cristiano begun in 2010, when they started playing together in a classic rock project, recording an EP.

In May/June of 2016, NORTHERN LINES begun recording their second studio album at Music-Up Recording Studio, in Rome. It’s a different approach from their first work „Farts from SETI Code“, rich of comical randomness and imbued with a „playfully“ mood.

Their second longplay-release finds its identity in the form of a concept album. Death is the leading theme, a death seen through the eyes of fear, a paralyzing emotion, but of surprising effect nonetheless.

„The Fearmonger“ (date of release: January 2017) sees the addition of piano, synth and hammond sections, which make up the pivotal points of the creative variation from NORTHERN LINES.



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SANDNESS – Strong 80s roots keep also high material stable

proudly presents:

Strong 80s roots keep also high material stable

SANDNESS is the striking result of a project which started out in 2008, when two teenage friends, Mark Denkley and Metyou ToMeatyou (bass and drums respectively) decided to form a HARD ROCK band, in order to bring the ‘80s back to life with original tracks.

The band’s line-up went through some changes across the years, and the only one who seemed to have the same ambitions of the founding members was Robby Luckets, who joined the band in 2009 and is now SANDNESS‘ lead and rhythmic guitar player.

During the last few years the band has achieved a good success both in Italy and abroad, and they had the chance to play as support band for renowned musicians such as Adam Bomb (2010), L.A. Guns (2011) and Tygers Of Pan Tang in 2015.

SANDNESS released their first demo „Return To Decadence“ in 2010, but it’s with the second one, „Life Without Control“ (2011), that they started their rise to success all over the world thanks to the digital media.

In 2011 SANDNESS went on a short tour in the Latvian capital Riga and in 2012 the rockin‘ boys played the renowned „Glam Fest“ in Marseilles, France.

In the past few years they also went on several European tours (2013, 2014 and 2015) and gained fans from all over the Continent. Their first official album „Like An Addiction“, was released worldwide on 5th April 2013 by Sleaszy Rider Records, with which their record contract has been renewed in 2016.

SANDNESS‘ second album is entitled „Higher & Higher“(date of release: 16th December 2016).

The hopeful three-piece will promote its new tracks on new European dates which will be announced very soon.


SANDNESS • Online:

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ROXIN‘ PALACE – High time for a direct confrontation course with real life!

proudly presents:

High time for a direct confrontation course with real life!

Born under the monicker Modern Middle Ages these casual bunch of SLEAZE HARD ROCK enthusiasts eventually became ROXIN‘ PALACE and was founded in 2011 by Crown, guitar player in the bands Revoltons and Hell, ex drummer of Elvenking.

For rhythm guitar duties Crown recruited his friend Slaver. Later they completed their blowing rhythm section with bass maniac Garret, who had many years of experience mainly in Hard Rock cover bands, and the young talented singer Axel, completing the line up in March 2012.

ROXIN‘ PALACE began recording the debut right away at the Artesonika Studios, putting together 10 tracks.

Later the group started its live activity sharing stages with acts such as Phantom X (USA), Salamandra (Czech Rep) and Jettblack (UK). The album was mixed by swedish producer Staffan Karlsson, and has been released on June 7th, 2013 by the Germany company SAOL Music.

To promote the debut release, ROXIN‘ PALACE has been busy again, on an intense live activity, culminate with new shows in Czech Republic and the presence at prestigious festival Metal Days (Slovenia) together with acts such Obituary, Satyricon, Manilla Road.

During the fall of 2014, ROXIN‘ PALACE faced an important change replacing singer Axel, guitarist Slaver and bass player Garret with new members: Al (vocals) and Gian (bass).

The new line-up wrote songs for a second album and the new release „Freaks Of Society“ has been released in October 2016 via established record company Sleaszy Rider Records.

„Freaks Of Society“ is full of pure life and brings back easily lots of the great positive feeling out of the 80s, when popular acts like Mötley Crüe, Guns ‚N Roses, Skid Row, Dangerous Toys, L.A. Guns, Bullet Boys, Roxx Gang, Ratt, Faster Pussycat, Vain, Bang Tango, Shotgun Messiah were a real big thing! Let’s get back to the thrilling rockin’ spirit of these colorful times with ROXIN‘ PALACE!



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SKULLWINX – On antique mission

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proudly presents:

On antique mission

German EPIC SPEED METAL newcomers SKULLWINX hit hard with their second album „The Relic“.

The band is faster, stronger and more epic than ever before. The perfectionistic, diverse but still catchy songwriting, combined with the highclass production of the Grotesque Studios makes „The Relic“ become one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

This time SKULLWINX presents themselves more mature than on their 2014 debut full-length release „The Missions Of Heracles“, they developed but still kept their unique sound.

„The Relic“ is again a concept based album, this time about historic tales and legends from mid-Europe, plus the title-track which describes the name SKULLWINX. It is the „Sign Of Fallen Kings“, the deadly prove of gods existence, a doomy view to theodicy – short „The Relic Of An Angel“.

„The Relic“ has been released on 24th of September via Metalizer Records.

The band is also very interested to play live on the globe as much as possible! Organizers & booking agents may get in touch:


10 / 10
„… awesome Speed and Power Metal …“
(Demon Reports)

8 / 10
„With their own Epic Speed Metal style, SKULLWINX have hit the nail on the head with their second album “The Relic” … the band delivers a faster and stronger punch … “The Relic” talks about the legends and historic tales surrounding central Europe, from the majestic feats of Attila the Hun to the mystical legend of Beowulf … this album is a perfect reminder of the classic Metal tunes we all grew up with … “The Relic” is definitely the start for SKULLWINX … the maturity and improvement observed between the “The Mission Of Heracles” and “The Relic” is only proof that SKULLWINX are on the path to greatness … I definitely recommend “The Relic” for all Heavy Metal lovers.“

8 / 10
„… specific and interesting … recommendation to listen to this new album of the fine Metalworkers from Germany.“

7 / 10

„‚The Relic‘ is primarily a record for fans of this genre, on an enormously high level.“
(Snooze Control)

„… an authentic epic Metal album with the „heartbreaking“ vocals … dares you to a continuous Headbanging!“
(R1 Radio)

„Easily enjoyable, this band knows how to capture the listener’s attention … vocals have an impressive range and all instrumentalists have ample opportunity to showcase their talent … what stands out with this band is all songs on this release appear to have catchy chorus lines without ripping off bands who have come before them.“
(Dave Wolff – Autoeroticasphyxium Zine)


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„Wir sind HAGGEFUGG und ihr seid?“ heizt Sänger Yannick alias ‚Gregor Krähenkehle‘ das Publikum an. „HaggeFOLL!“, donnert die Menge prompt im Chor zurück. Das Publikum einbinden: HAGGEFUGG’sche Tradition!

Im Zeitalter der Fantastillionen Genres haben sich sechs Musiker aus Köln mit einem zwinkernden Auge dem PROST MITTELALTER PARTY ROCK verschrieben. Mit Hard Rock, Metal, Dudelsäcken und Schalmeien liefern sie ein musikalisches Fundament für wohl bekannte und zahlreiche eigene Melodien.

In ihren Texten behandeln diese fidelen Feierherzen mit Vorliebe die schönen Seiten des Lebens, oder greifen ‚mittelalterliche Motive‘ auf, die pointiert wiedergegeben werden.

Nüchtern betrachtet lässt sich die Musik von HAGGEFUGG zwar dem Mittelalter Rock und -Metal zuordnen, aber das alleine wird dem Spaß an der Musik und der Lebensfreude, die die Band gerne auf das Publikum überträgt, nicht gerecht. Musikalische Schubladen sind eng! Die Musiker von HAGGEFUGG wollen auf die Bühne!

2015 gaben HAGGEFUGG ihr Live-Debut, enterten schnell Bühnen von Koblenz bis Hamburg und veröffentlichten eine EP mit dem Titel „Trinkt aus“. Auf vielen Konzerten, lokalen Festivals und im Vorprogramm von etablierten Acts wie Russkaja und In Extremo – HAGGEFUGG gewann den Sängerstreit auf In Extremos 20 Wahre Jahre Festival – sammelte die fröhliche Formation bereits im ersten Bühnenjahr viel Erfahrung.

2016 treibt es den enorm spielfreudigen Haufen erneut weit über heimische Stadtgrenzen hinaus und am 12. November haben HAGGEFUGG ein Studioalbum mit dem durchaus programmatischen Titel „Metgefühl“ veröffentlicht.


„Eine sehr imposante erste Platte … sie reißt sofort mit und versetzt eine in die Anfangszeiten der Szene … klare Kauf-Empfehlung für alle die Metal hören aber vor allem für Mittelalterbegeisterte und insbesondere für diejenigen, die eine Abwechslung / Alternative zu den Größen der Szene suchen … ein in allen Bereichen qualitativ hochwertiges Meisterstück.“

„Voller Kraft, fetten Rock und himmlischen Mittelalterklängen zeigen HAGGEFUGG, das sie sich keineswegs hinter den alteingesessenen Kollegen verstecken müssen, sondern mit einer erfrischenden Prise durch die Reihen jagen.“
(Bad Black Unicorn)


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HULDRE – Mysteriously charming

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proudly presents:

Mysteriously charming

HULDRE’s long awaited sophomore album – „Tusmørke“ – is finally here!

HULDRE is an upcoming NORDIC FOLK METAL-name on the Folk Metal scene and they have, since 2010, excited people all over the world with their spectacular compositions inspired by Nordic Folk music, Metal and Rock.

Musically they offer catchy melodies of female vocals, violin, hurdy gurdy and flute on a heavy foundation of guitar, bass and drums.

HULDRE weaves a lyrical universe revolving around the forces of nature, and imagery of the folklore of years past.

The band is by now known for their unique and integrated liveshows, where the audience, in a forest of leaves, skull and bones, are blown back by the sheer joy of playing.

HULDRE’s debut album from 2012 – „Intet Menneskebarn“– was very well received by reviewers throughout the world and the band has through the years played at such venues as Copenhell and Wacken, won a few musical awards and built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase.

„Tusmørke“ was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Lasse Lammert in LSD Studios in cooperation with HULDRE and is released on the 3rd of November. This will be celebrated with a release party at Loppen in Copenhagen.


4,5 / 5
„Separate mention for Nanna Barslev … the thing about this woman is incredible … she has a peculiar voice … that astonishes me … sings the songs so that the words seem to dance out of her mouth, and you are rocking at every moment with her voice… personality and talent at the top … If you like Folk Metal, maybe coming out a bit of the usual, then you cannot escape HULDRE and this disc.“
(Diario De Un Metalhead)

9 / 10
„With tons of Folk Metal in my collection, HULDRE manages it every single week to be in my playlist with at least one song … nothing but good … the band has matured even more and this album is produced very nice … although it’s Metal, the sound of HULDRE is quite clear, fitting the enchanting voice of Nanna perfectly … closing your eyes, you can imagine this Viking woman protection her tribe with her witchcraft … these unique vocals build up the nicely woven spells with the violin, hurdy-gurdy and flutes … again HULDRE made an awesome album …“
(Folk Metal.nl)

4 / 5
„…  The songs are better, the production is better, and the entire album seems to be thoroughly worked out from start to finish … nothing is left to chance, neither musically nor visually in cover and images. If you are into Folk Metal there is no way around Huldre’s ‚Tusmørke‘ …“

8 / 10
„… Folk Metal that is very traditional and melodic … production sounds very professional …“
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

„… listening to it feels like opening a treasure chest!“
(Snooze Control)

„This album is so well thought out and executed, it’s fun and enticing … rolling from entrancing vocals to amazing instrumental solos … this album has it all and is a delight! Barsley’s vocals are just exquisite, I can’t get enough of her singing! Her voice is showcased so well in this album.“
(Metal Nexus)

„In this second album HULDRE didn’t innovate, didn’t change nor complicate, they simply continued the brilliant path set on the debut work … said this way it may not sound much – but sometimes in the simplicity of actions lies the geniality of the results; “Tusmørke” it’s proof of that.“
(Metal Em Portugal)

HULDRE • Online:

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