MYRKGRAV | 2017 | Full-length | Box-set/CD | LTD. 50 items

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2017 | Full-length | Box-set/CD | LTD. 50 items

Short info:
MYRKGRAV became one of the prominent forces in the wave of Folk/Viking Metal since the debut album “Trollskau, Skrømt Og Kølabrenning” was released in 2006.

After the silence of 10 years, the band now returns with the second album „Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen“.

Following the initial digital release, the physical CD version is due to be unleashed under Pest Productions.


MYRKGRAV • Contact:


MEDIA FEEDBACK „Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen“:

10 / 10
“… very hard to pick some tracks that are standing out from the rest of the album which is so compact and strong as this one is … I am sad because we will not hear anything new from MYRKGRAV in the future, but one is for sure – MYRKGRAV has finished their story the best they could – with one of the best Folk Metal albums that I’ve ever heard …”
(Celtic – Slavic Webzine Serbia)

10 / 10
“What I especially enjoyed in this record and also in Myrkgrav’s music in general is this contrast between the instrumental sound and the extreme side of Metal and we get to hear this combination really well throughout the record … for the lovers of the folk-ish side of the genre, the instrumental songs will be definitely earcandy whereas the lovers of the Black and extreme Metal will enjoy the harsher songs more.”
(Melody Of The Soul)

10 / 10
“… this album must be heard!”
(Der Hörspiegel)

9,5 / 10
“I’m sure there are tons more but if I had to put a list of bands that everyone should know about and probably don’t, Norway’s Myrkgrav would most likely be at the top of my list … I am crossing my fingers that 10 years from now maybe you will revisit some of these tracks? I will keep the torch lit in the meantime… great album.”

90 / 100
“We are very happy with MYRKGRAV … the songs are very entertaining … a fusion of Scandinavian Folk music and extreme Metal … the lyrics of the Folk story out of the medieval period are very strong in all the songs …”
(Rhybuck Zine)

90 / 100
“… a fantastic album in its own right and its greater than the sum of its parts. Lars Jensen is a master of his craft and should not be overlooked.”
(Metal Archives)

9 / 10
“The mix between the instruments and the Nordic tradition is fantastic which makes this second and probably final album a must for fans of Folk / Viking Metal.”
(World Of Metal Radio)

9 / 10
“… perfect blend between Folk and Metal, much more appealing than just adding folk instruments to Metal songs. In some parts it reminds me on Falkenbach or Windir … 14 songs, 64 minutes, there are no weak parts, just pleasure for our audition.”
(Sounds From Apocalypse)

9 / 10
“… instrumentally well achieved … execution is flawless and the suitable choice of the Hardanger elevates the compositions to another creativity level … balanced and diversified, combining heavy, progressive and atmospheric sonorities … doesn’t spare any folk motifs, slightly resembling the unique style of the Norwegian band Windir.”
(The Black Planet)

4 / 5 – great
(Deep Ground)

4 / 5
“… a nice package farewell to an artist who has traveled more muted in sounds halfway between Falkenbach and Otyg, to the now inflated Folk Metal roots. Many thanks to the courage of Lars Jensen, who from the small town of Åsa tried to guess the road of the musician and it has finally come out with grace and undoubted class.”
(All Around Metal)

4 / 5
(Tommeks Musikwelt)

TRACKS „Takk Og Farvel; Tida Er Blitt Ei Annen“:
01. Skjøn Jomfru (Norwegian version) 04:20
02. Vonde Auer (traditional version) 02:47
03. Vonde Auer 06:15
04. Bakom Gyrihaugen (instrumental) 05:21
05. Soterudsvarten 04:49
06. Om Å Danse Bekhette (10th anniversary edition) 04:59
07. Spålsnatt (instrumental) 06:27
08. Tørrhard 03:59
09. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition) 04:39
10. Østa Glette (instrumental) 05:17
11. Sjuguttmyra 04:30
12. Uttjent 03:58
13. Tviom! (instrumental) 04:14
14. Skjøn Jomfru (English version) 04:19
15. Takk Og Farvel 01:26

Lars Jensen – Composer, vocals, guitars, flutes and programming

Session members:
Olav Luksengård Mjelva – Hardanger fiddle
Erlend Antonsen – Bass guitar




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