HECATE ENTHRONED – The return of darkest knowledge

 proudly presents:

The return of darkest knowledge

HECATE ENTHRONED, the UK’s longest serving and most respected BLACK METAL band have recently left the studio with another landmark recording!

One more full-length output will further cement their noble reputation for producing high quality releases.

This completely sworn collection of massively thrilling songs harks back to their grand, epic orchestral roots whilst keeping the heavy guitar sound and signature dual harmonies, blistering drums and inhuman vocals makes this album a stand out amongst classics.

[ Pic credit: http://facebook.com/suolasphotography ]

Producer Dan Abela has given it a slick and aggressive production that captures the ever changing moods of each track.

Added to this mix are the unique and haunting vocals of Sarah Jezebel Deva ( CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, ANGTORIA ) who has recorded some of her most innovative and powerful vocals to date!

The upcoming masterpiece of HECATE ENTHRONED delivers a collection of outstanding tracks from a well seasoned professional band at the height of their multiple powers.


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